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2013 TOC Champions

Senior Division - Bedford
A Division - South End
B Division - Framingham
C Division - Newton
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From the desk of LTA President, Joe Rushing.

The BASE and the Boston Astros are excited to announce their new partnership with Lou Tompkins All Star Baseball (LTA)

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Joe Rushing, President

2014 Preliminary Calendar

The 2014 preliminary calendar is posted (it is under "About LTABaseball" above  The play dates are shown for the season and the TOC for each division.

2014 Rule Changes

Senior Division roster increased to 24 players with maximum of six (6) 20 or 21 year old players. See Rule 1.

C Division TOC pitching rules are the same as the A and B Division TOC pitching rules.  See Rule 15.3.

Rules governing
postponements and rescheduling of games.  See Rule 9.

Lou Tompkins All Star Baseball
League of Champions

“Building Champions On & Off The Field”

2014 Team Registration Opens April 12, 2014

Our 2014 registration is now open and will close for the Senior Division on May 16th and the rest of the league will close May 23rd.   Please select LTA Team Registration in the About LTA Baseball above. There is some new information about the league in 2014 regarding game dates and times as well as the rescheduling process.

The Division Commissioners have reviewed the game dates and times for each of the leagues last year and have agreed upon the following dates and times for each of the leagues this year.

The Senior League games will be on Wednesday @ 5:45 PMFriday @ 5:45 PM and Sunday @ 5 PM

For the A Division, their game dates and times are Tuesday @ 5:45 PM and Saturday and Sunday @ 5:30 PM 

The B Division games will be scheduled for Wednesday @ 5:45 PM and Saturday @ 10 AM and Sunday @ 5 PM 

The C Division games are on Thursday @ 5:45 PM and Saturday @ 10 AM and Sunday @ 5:45PM

Weekday game times may be changed to an “under the lights” time as long as teams request the change to their commissioner at least 48 hrs prior to the scheduled game time or as a special request at team registration.  All towns submitting teams should reserve fields for their team’s game days and times ASAP.  Please see the LTA Calendar for the play dates of each of the leagues.

Congratulations to the 2013 Tournament of Champions Winners

Senior Division Champion - Bedford
A Division Champion - South End
B Division Champion - Framingham
C Division Champion - Newton

All of our Finals this year were great games and came to the final inning in all four divisions.  A great finish to another great LTA season.

Thank you to all 65 teams and the over 1350 players who participated in LTA Baseball this season. While we look forward to 2014, don't forget what your membership in LTA Baseball means to your town/community and team this off-season.


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